Aircard Manual programming

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Aircard Manual programming

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Manual Programming:
If One Touch Activation is unsuccessful, have the user open Sprint SmartView and make sure it is at the forefront by mousing over it and clicking on it.
Also make sure Sprint SmartView is scanning for Sprint 3G, not 4G.
If necessary, click Switch to 3G if it is currently displaying Switch to 3G.
Have customer type ##ATV# on the keyboard.
They will not see the ##ATV# characters as they are being keyed in.
The Activation Wizard appears.
Click Next.
Enter MSL into Activation Code field, then click Next.

Enter Phone Number (MDN) into Phone number (MDN) field.
Enter MSID into MSID (IMSI_I) field.

Click Next.
Reconfirm the Phone Number (MDN) and MSID with the customer.
Click Yes.
Provisioning (OMA) will begin.
Explain normal provisioning expectations.
After provisioning is complete, the connection card should be ready for use by clicking Connect.
Make sure Sprint SmartView is up to date with all of the latest enhancements.
While connected to the Sprint Network, go to the Sprint SmartView menu.
Click Tools.
Click Check for application updates now.
Accept and install updates.


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